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We were|are a family first.

My name is Josh Mason, co-founder of Vittles! Our founding members consists of my amazing wife Kirstin and insanely talented cousin Jeremy Dashiell. Our journey into entrepreneurship began in early 2016. It all started over a few libations with great company, and little did we know a few months later we would have an empty box truck sitting in the driveway with no clue what was next! Vittles Food Truck was born!

We get asked the question a lot, "What made you start a food truck?" Although sometimes we ask ourselves the same question, our reason at the time was pretty clear. My wife Kirstin and I had a strong desire to start a business and Jeremy had an amazing talent. It was kind of a no brainier. Jeremy worked in the restaurant industry most of his life. His passion for food all started at a young age when he would cook with our Grandma at home. For some reason, he always found comfort in food and it was that comfort that led to his career in culinary. Also at a very young age, I always had that entrepreneur mindset; coming up with ideas, selling things, starting silly businesses. We had no idea that later in life we would open a business together! 


I was later blessed with an amazing companion and wife who always supported my crazy ideas. Even when it meant her working late nights helping me or going to bed alone because there was so much to do, she never stifled my dream of becoming a real entrepreneur. If it wasn't for the unwavering support from her, Vittles would not exist today. She is now such a big part of our team and success!


So, we set out to offer crazy good eats for everyday people right here in our hometown. Not only were food trucks not a big thing in our area but they were also never looked at as elevated culinary drivers (no pun intended). With a dream, some planning of course, and one unstoppable team, we set off into the sunset, ready to conquer the world... only we had no clue of the rollercoaster we had just boarded. 

In our first couple weeks of running the truck, we learned A LOT! I remember the morning I woke up to head out for our first day in business... I cried in excitement, nervousness and most definitely fear. I shoved down the doubt, committed to the mission and went on my way. I knew that with the team we had, failure wasn't possible. Oh was I wrong!!!! It only took us 48 hours to realize we had no clue what we were doing and knew that we had to dig deep to make some changes. 

The days went on and things got a little easier. We worked out some new processes and most importantly, we reveled in the little wins! Months went by and were were selling out all of the time. It was almost a surreal experience. We were on top the world... for now. After only 6 months open, we had one of the most challenging obstacles in the lifetime of Vittles; one that we could have never planned or prepared for. The motor in our truck went caput! We went almost 3 months without an operational vehicle, which meant no income and tons of expenses. It was the first time since opening that we thought failure was a real possibility. 

After an unfathomable amount of stress, we managed to put a plan in place and solve the problem. It was then that we realized we had an unstoppable team, amazing family, and the most incredible customers. It was like we never missed a beat! The lines were long, the money was coming back in and we were back on our way to living our dream of small town entrepreneurship

Fast forward to 2018, we knew that the evolution of our business was important. It was always in our plans to add catering to our platform, but once again, we had no idea what we were doing. We sharpened our pencils and went to work. Today we can proudly say that we have become one of the areas most popular caterers with several big awards!! It was the grit of our team and the amazing relationships we have created along the way, that helped us get to where we are, with no intentions of stopping. In 2019 we broke ground and opened our very own boutique event venue called Wildflower Estate, outfitted with an amazing commercial kitchen. Today, you can share amazing moments with loved ones at our one of kind boutique venue and know that you will also be getting one of the best culinary experiences around!

Thank You to all those that support our Journey and Dream!

Josh Mason  |  Co-Founder

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