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Jeremy Dashiell, 30 of Salisbury, MD

Born and raised here on the Eastern Shore, Jeremy spent the majority of his childhood learning to cook from his Grandma, Nancy Booth. As a young adult, he worked for several of the areas most influential restaurants. It wasn't until he was approached by his cousin Josh, that he realized starting their own company was the dream he always wanted. In 2016 Jeremy quit his secure job, and dove head first into entrepreneurship with his family, Josh + Kirstin Mason. Since, he has become not only an award winning Chef, but more importantly respected and admired for his culinary vision and ability.

Jeremy is now a proud father to an amazing little girl name Madelyn and he is enjoying teaching her what his G-Mom taught him! He has also obtained ownership in the company.

Josh + Kirstin met at Salisbury University through a mutual group of friends in 2007. Kirstin an environmental major and Josh a business major, they had two completely different visions for their futures. Just when they had it all figured out, love conquered and changed everything.


In 2016 they went all in to start their very first business with Jeremy Dashiell, Vittles Food Truck. Never thinking they would be in the culinary world, they found themselves on an extremely steep learning curve. With all the unknowns, one thing was certain... Jeremy had an unbelievable talent in the kitchen and they knew that with his culinary skills and their ability to run and operate a business, they couldn't lose.


During the past few years, they have enjoyed extreme highs and unbelievable lows, but have never given up on their dreams of being entrepreneurs. So much so that they have gone all in again, to build the shores first and only Boutique Luxury Event Venue, Wildflower Estate!

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Joshua Mason, 32 of Hebron, MD

Kirstin Mason, 32 of Hebron, MD

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Interested in catering?

Step 1

Review our menu

by clicking the image above! A general rule of thumb is 2-3 Apps, 2 Mains, 2-3 Sides + 1-2 Sweets! That said, if you have a different vision, we can certainly take care of  it.

If for some reason you don't see what you are looking for, let us know! 

Step 2

Think about these question; 

1) What is the date of your event?

2) What type of event are you having?

3) How many guests are you anticipating?

4) Have you chosen a location?

5) Any must haves?

6) Are you ready for your guests to rave about their meal?

Step 3

Send us an email by clicking HERE and share with us a bit more about what is in Step 2! Once we receive your email, we will be sure to touch base with answers to your questions, so you can have a stress free time planning your event!